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Solution = Make an app for finding gigs — GIGQO.

Why We Are Doing This

As a musician finding gigs has never been easy — when you’re starting out, or even well on your way up the ladder it’s always an absolute mission to find gigs, promoters, support acts, booking agents and venues who are looking for Artists to perform. Then there’s organizing/confirming the gig with all your band mates and the venue. There’s a lot of back and forth finalizing details, load in times, set times, equipment supplied/needed, and payment if any.

When I travelled with a band to a different city or a different country, usually only having a few gigs in the diary, finding other potential venues to speak with was a big task. Some years later I was involved in setting up a chain of bars in south east Asia with my business partner Frank (Co-Founder of Gigqo), and we noticed exactly the same thing was happening in our different locations; a lot of musicians would be traveling, calling in to different venues and asking “do you know where we can get a gig?” — GIGQO was born.


GIGQO is an App service giving artists and venues a platform to connect and fans the chance to find, share and grow amazing underground music!

A musician can use the app to set the travel dates they will be in different locations, then the app would find you matching dates available to apply to play that are coinciding with your travel dates. Venues can also see the dates musicians are in their area and send them an application request if they like what they see in the musician’s profile, and also send them a request even if they didn’t have their travel dates but wanted them to play at their venue. A financial arrangement could then be made to finalise the booking. When the venue looks at a musician’s profile they can see what previous gig experience they have, what venues they have already played and also see what their star rating is (generated from a combination of listener and venue reviews).

Where We Are Now

Currently we are a team of three; two in Laos (South East Asia), and one in England. Random as it may be we are from spread out locations across the globe — England, Holland and Russia. We all met through travelling and share the same ethos for life, creativity and music. Pavel is the third member to join our team and, as a master craftsman of code, writes and develops for fun in over thirty different languages with the perfectionism of a renaissance artist…he is actually an artist, painting in code.

We are a start up and as of now (17/12/2020) we have been working together on a shoe-string budget for one year. Our landing page is live, we’ve started to build a following on social media and by the end of this year we will have a working version1 of our platform with its core functions. The App will be tested for 4–6 weeks so we can iron out all of the kinks and make it into a well oiled machine ready for launch.

Covid19 — it’s hard to put into words the horrific devastation this virus has caused globally — not only on a humanitarian level, but also in terms of the impact upon the performing arts and our freedom to enjoy gigs, either as a performer or a punter. What the world needs now is a vaccine for everybody and a LOT of live music.

Our passion is live music so we really want to help where we know we can. We want to bring to the table a hub for musicians and venues to connect and get more work, exposure, custom and revenue. We want this to be fair. Currently, there are other companies providing similar services but at an extortionate cost — usually with hidden charges and with too many third parties involved. Even the sale of a ticket distributed by one of the “market leaders” will cost a lot of money (i.e; on the sale of a ticket worth $100, the consumer pays $110 and the seller would net $85).

Where We Are Going

We plan to massively disrupt the consumer market, making the ‘booking a gig’ idea readily available to everybody — whether you want to book Beyonce for your daughter’s wedding in Dubai, or a local DJ for a private house party.

Our goal is simple: we want to make more live music happen everywhere globally. Everybody has different budgets so we will roll out our service to venues, restaurants, coffee shops and other venues that didn’t even consider having live music, this is a way they can gain more revenue for their business, creating more work for musicians and more music for music lovers to follow.

Our GIGQO platform to date has been achieved with little-to-no funding. We will launch regardless of funding but it will be essential to grow — we plan to have funding ready for our version2. Fortunately, we currently have a lot of interest from Angel and AV investors and they know we think long term, so as long as we are on track, corona will eventually do one then we can get back to those live music vibes ASAP and I can achieve my life long goal of touring, playing drums and making a living!

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog. Please follow us or help support your local venues and musicians and download our app for free. We have plenty more under the bonnet so roll on 2021 let’s av ya! Take it easy and stay safe everybody — From all three of the team @GIGQO

We are a startup and our mission is to help connect musicians, venues and lovers of music